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Job Description – Waiter / Waitress
Main Tasks:
 During embarkation Welcome guests, escort guests to cabin, luggage service
 Assistance with housekeeping during guest exchange (making beds, restock the minibar,…)
 Taking orders for food and drinks in the restaurant, bar or sundeck
 Serving food and drinks in all departments on the ship (restaurant, bar, room service, sundeck) in a professional way
 Knowledge of the menu and all drinks incl. wines in compliance to Standard

 Silver-tongued, professional and well-groomed appearance
 Individual recommendations on excursions, events on the board and other needs of the guests
 Manage a restaurant station of 45 to 50 guests, another
Active sale of drinks in the restaurant and bar, incl. the sundeck
 Wine counseling
 Friendly and competent guest service according to standard
 Setup of tables according to Scylla standards as well as polish cutlery and glasses
 Assistance with preparation of inventory General cleaning work in the restaurant and bar Weekly general cleaning of the restaurant and bar
 Adherence to cleanliness and hygiene regulations in compliance with HACCP and standards
 Careful handling of all foodstuffs, inventory and restaurant equipment (glass, cutlery, porcelain, etc.)
 Compliance with the waste concept
 Knowledge of ship and relevant daily program

Qualification Profile:
 Good organizational and communication skills
 Guest focused, stress resistant, calm under pressure, player
Open minded and flexible with high social and inter-cultural competencies
Good English is a must  / German or Spanish will be an advantage

 Must work independently
Additional tasks

Additional tasks for all crew members:
 Assistance with the guests on the day of the embarkation
 Participation in the crew show
 Assistance with the loading of goods and suitcases
 Keep the crew mess and your own crew cabin clean
 Thorough execution of the safety role on board
General information:
 Working hours: During normal operation on board, crew member will work 7 days a week and app. 70hrs
 Accommodation: shared room with board with one other crewmember (on some ships with more than one)

Applying for a job

You can apply for the above job abroad via the following contact details:

Phone: 00357- 97906722
Email: theodoros@3seas-shipping.com

contact: Theodoros Marneros ( Managing Director ) 

facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/3seasshipping/

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/20514733

website: https://3seas-shipping.com/

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